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Season Ten

Season Ten is from Southgate, the second smallest city in Kentucky. Being just south of the Ohio River, our sound serves a unique blend of multiple rock genres, but we tend to classify ourselves as Indie Alternative Rock. Basic, of course, but ‘Independence’ is how we mold our craft. As a band, we’ve grown tired of the simplistic modern rock and alternative sounds. Every song we write serves a chance to be a new band, making the guitar sound bigger and better. The Drums blend together bass guitar that takes intertwining riffs and sounds to the next level. We tend to sound like a heavier Strokes-based writing style with an Arctic Monkeys and Tame Impala persona. We began in our former drummer’s garage in Southgate on Snowshoe Drive. Over time we moved across town to Alex Murphy-White’s house, who began playing drums for Season Ten in summer of ’13. Our Bassist, Brian Nienaber was brought to us by a mutual friend of Alex, who originally played guitar, bringing a unique 90‘s riff-guitar based twist to the bass sound. Alex Sarkisov and Jared Metz are the two remaining original members, who met in high school with Season Ten’s former bassist. Alex was determined on adding an 80’s style keyboard to the 50‘s and 70‘s style riffs of Jared’s guitar. Our sound has progressed from serving separate decades of genres to combining everything exciting and progressive about each time period. We are the Modernists of the Indie world, using technical chords and time signatures in a new, more listenable manner. We strive as a band to take modern rock and pop music to the next level, and we expect to raise the expectations of music to every listener.

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