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Satellite Flight

Satellite Flight is a rock band band formed in Cincinnati, OH.   The group made its debut in the winter of 2013. The current lineup consists of Darwin Darling (lead vocals), Von Drell (lead guitar), Shane Hacker (multi-instrumentalist), Addyston Ray (bass) and Calvin Kelly (drums/percussion).  Satellite Flight is known for their fashion-based stage image, high-class themes, and their high energy and interactive performances. The group was reviewed by New York City-based music journalist Kevin Sellars as "Tailor-made for the stage" as they are known for their theatrical high-end imagery and high-powered performances, with members taking the stage in custom designed clothing, accessories, and high-fashion brands inspiring a "dream-life" atmosphere.  However the theatrics don’t end there with the band being known for doing everything from wielding confetti-cannons to throwing hundreds of roses into the crowd. After attending a live performance Indie Authority Magazine writer 'Rock Princess' wrote, “Are you a music lover looking for the band that will get you dancing like you have no cares in the world? Well you’ve just found them.” 

After splitting up from their original high-school band, Von Drell and Darwin Darling began auditioning local musicians in their area to start their own project.  The duo went through numerous musicians including a former member of Black Veil Brides before creating the original lineup which included former members Tillery and Jordan Nielson. Nielson was then replaced with bassist Travis Wells right before the band recorded their first demo.

Two songs off of the their demo garnered fast attention.  Power ballad “Tonight”, which featured David Lessing (Blessid Union of Souls) on piano, was selected by Paramount Pictures for their film “The Breed” (2015).  Arena rock song “Sticks & Stones” received heavy college radio play. The Red Carpet EP launched the bands popularity throughout the Midwest resulting in Satellite Flight being selected as a support act for numerous high-profile artists ranging from Falling In Reverse and Pop Evil to Silverstein and Hinder among many others.  The band decided to follow up this quick success with the release of their professional single “For The Dreamers” which was accompanied by the bands first music video.  
This single showed the bands movement away from a traditional rock sound and into the dance/pop world while still maintaining rock elements.  Award-nominated producer and videographer Cam Johnson of Bangout Films directed and produced the music video for “For The Dreamers” and the video established the band as “the regional act to contend with” (  

While performing tour dates all over the midwest in support of the For The Dreamers single, the band prepared a new EP Cross My Heart. During this recording process bassist Travis Wells was replaced by multi-instrumentalist Shane Hacker along with bassist Addyston ray who was added as a new fifth member shortly after.  They released the EP in September 2014 in front of a sold out crowd in their hometown of Cincinnati.  The lead track off the EP Live. Dance Believe. immediately gained attention and began rotating through dance clubs throughout the nation leading to the band once again being asked to support numerous national acts throughout the midwest.

After ending 2014 with a sold out show alongside I See Stars the band took a 3-month hiatus.  During this hiatus Tillery left the band due to personal reasons.  Von Drell informed the band that he had spent the short hiatus writing new style of music and wanted to step into the lead guitar/composer role.  The band then decided collectively to move Darwin Darling into the lead vocal position.  With the drummer role now open they recruited percussionist Calvin Kelly who joined the band from the theater/broadway
industry.  Satellite Flight then announced the new lineup along with the bands return to the stage alongside Miley Cyrus's brother Trace Cyrus and his band Metro Station.  The show was a major success and the band announced shortly after that they were beginning production on a major multi-genre project consisting of new music and a series of short films.

The project is titled LIFE UNDER THE LIGHTS and is based around the bands strong belief in theatrics and living life to it's fullest.  They once again teamed up with filmmaker Cameron Johnson, Infinity Focus Media, and students from world-renowned art school CCM. The first installment from the series (LIFE UNDER THE LIGHTS PART I) released on July 11th and featured the first single featuring new frontman Darwin Darling titled "Under The Lights".  Within 3 days the video garnered over 5,000 views.

The band is currently touring in support of the first single as they prepare the rest of the EP.

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