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roosevelt. is an Alternative/Emo band from Cincinnati, OH. They bring a loud exciting 

show to the stage, as they comb through self reflection, and deep thoughts you don't

even tell your friends about. The band has traveled around the Midwest and South,

leaving fans all along the way. They have been featured in several radio showcases

around their hometown, after releasing their debut album, "If This Is Everything..." 

in 2015.

    Bands ranging from Pink Floyd to the emo explosion in the early 2000s have had

an impact on the singer and songwriter of the band, Danny Poland. He began this

project as a way to vent frustrations of life the way bands like Brand New and

Manchester Orchestra have mastered. Combining the ebb and flow, and the

importance of musical dynamics, with real, personal, story like lyrics, he has left

an impact on listeners and showgoers alike. When you combine the energy and

melody that James Dean Rapier has on bass, and the intricate and dynamic drum

styling from Matt Starling, you get a flowing, emotion inducing musical journey.

    The band's debut album, "If this is Everything..." investigates emotional extremes

at their best and, of course, their worst. The album starts with the band's single,

"Feel The Comedown." The song's pop feel is a deception to it's real darkness.

Realizing that every beginning starts with an end, Poland wonders "what's next?"

As the album progresses, the song "This Is Failing," speaks about the anxiety of

trusting with the whole heart, and waiting to see if that gamble could possibly work

out. The album closes with the new beginning that was promised at the start.

"(Arche) of Pathos," is a reflection from a distance, resolution of an era, and the

promise of something new that comes from the past.

    After months spent playing in new towns, the band has begun to write a new

full length record, and have big plans to visit the east coast, and the rest of the

country. They've dedicated their lives to playing music and love the excitement

of visiting new places, with new people that relate to them through music and life.

Check them out in a town near you soon!      

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