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Roley Yuma

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Roley Yuma is an indie punk band from Dayton, OH. The self proclaimed "RUDE DUDES" blend all their influences into a mesh of catchy hooks, wicked lyrics, and extreme originality into songs that make you want to fight, get fought, get pissed, get pissed on, or at least think about how badly you want to be like this group of Dayton purebreds. When you're not wondering how they jump so smoothly between time signatures, their lyrics are making you question what kind of weird Mississippi shit these guys went through as kids. Definitely not for the high schooler who jams thumbtacks into his/her thighs or the poor souls handing out Jesus flyers at the mall, Roley Yuma is for the folks like you and me. The ones who drink like business men and smoke like bonfires. You know, the rude dudes of the U.S.A.

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