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Roger Yeardley

Credited as being “one of Cincinnati’s best known and most successful songwriters” (1),   and “one of Cincinnati’s most treasured singer/songwriters” (2), Roger Yeardley has always had a love of American music traditions such as country, blues, roots-rock and rockabilly.   Over the years he has crafted a unique organic fusion of these distinctly Americana sounds.   This passionate singer/ songwriter, guitarist/bassist is especially known for his “witty and penetrating” (3) lyrics.  With songs being played on radio around the world, in movies and TV, and on international CD compilations, his music is heard from the local to international scales. 

 Roger’s first two CDs ‘Sheepless in Cincinnati’ and ‘Roger Yeardley’s Communal Effort’ have received critical acclaim and worldwide airplay.  ‘Sheepless..’  was chosen as an essential Cincinnati recording  reflecting the blues-rock scene in Cincinnati (4).    Roger’s songs have been on several volumes of the  “Greatest Indie Artists in the World”  international compilation CD series.  Several local compilations have included his music (Shades of Blue II, Our Musik ‘99, Night Lights, Synesthesia, Another Day, 14 Nights).  His song ‘This Space Reserved’ was featured on the Music Choice cable TV channel for the month of June 2001.   His songs have appeared in movies, including “Mr. ID”, starring Ami Dolenz (daughter of Monkee, Micky Dolenz), and the song Rise & Fall of the Blues appeared in the major motion picture, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (10/07).  Roger has deals with the music libraries OneMusic (Nashville, L.A.), Essential Music (PA), The Q Music Group (L.A), and Transition Music (L.A.).   

 You can find Roger performing in varied venues from coffee shops to festivals, from Cincinnati to Chicago to Hong Kong.  He performs solo and in duos with award-winning guitarists such as Marcos Sastre and Steve Sigsbee, as well as with his current band, Roger Y & the Quick Replies.  He has opened the Cincy Bluesfest, and on the same bills with artists like the Cowboy Junkies,  Peter Frampton, and Little Charlie and the Nightcats.   Based on extensive airplay in New Zealand, Roger was invited to play at an international festival there in 2002. He has performed live on the radio on WVXU (Audiosyncracies), WNKU, and WAIF, and on TV (including City Nights (8 times)).

His songs have been on the airwaves throughout Europe as well as countries such as New Zealand, Australia, China, and Taiwan.   Roger’s  music has shared playlists around the world with hundreds of American music stars: Johnny Cash,  B.B. King, The Dixie Chicks, Neil Diamond, the Eagles, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, and Dwight Yaokum just to name a few.  A quick search on the internet using Roger’s name will reveal his music on music sites in the U.S., Germany, New Zealand, Yugoslavia, Japan, and Latin America.

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