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Rio & The Ramblers

Rio & The Ramblers is a high energy Blues/Rock band that started in Dec of 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Only being together for a couple months, these young and talented musicians show true feeling on what its like to play Rock N' Roll.Ryan Snyder (Lead Guitarist)Ryan Snyder has been playing the guitar for 8 years. He has been a member of the Cincinnati Blues Society’s Blues in The Schools Band since he was fourteen years old and continues to mentor young musicians in the Cincinnati area. His major influence comes from the hard rocking soul breathing sound from Slash. His other influences are also Jimmy Page, John Reddel, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix, and many more. Ryan was introduced to Rock and Roll at a young age and feel immediately in love with it. He was taught by some of the best blues musicians in the greater Cincinnati area, such as, John Reddell, Steve Barone, and Dan Walsh. He has been invited to play on stage with many local artists, Dick & the Roadmasters, 3 Heads Tall, Mid-life Crisis Ramblers, and John Reddell and the Company. Upon graduating high school, Ryan started a band called AbsoluteValue with former drummer Alex Miller and bassist Eric Torres. Looking for a lead vocalist, Ryan came together with Rio Van creating Rio & The Ramblers.Eric Torres (Bassist)Eric Torres started playing guitar in the 4th grade with former guitarist Joe Schutzman. After a year of lessons, Eric wanted to explore the bass guitar, which ended up being the best option for starting a band—everybody needs a bassist. Combining talents with Joe Schutzman, Eric started Exit 186, a progressive rock band that lasted from fifth grade to Eric and Joe’s senior year of high school. During his tenure in Exit 186, Eric’s style became solidified as hard-hitting, complex, and raw. His sound is not your everyday background bass struggling to hold its own in a mix. Largely inspired by the pop of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the dynamic riffs of the hard rock icon Tool, Eric began to venture into the blues genre with Ryan Snyder’s previous band, AbsoluteValue. Looking for a new lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Ryan and Eric brought in long time friends Rio Van and Joe Schutzman, creating Rio and The Ramblers.Rio Van Risseghem (Lead Vocalist)Rio is a Cincinnati native and veteran performer. Rio began singing at the age of eight in combination with playing classical piano. Transitioning from the musical theatre genre, Rio started her first band near the end of her high school career, called Birdfinder. After disbanding to attend college, Rio met fellow musician Ryan Snyder who introduced her to the blues. Initially playing with Jellico Motel, a melodic blues band, Rio wanted to find a way to sync the blues genre with classic rock. Ryan Snyder currently looking for a lead vocalist asked Rio to come jam with Eric Torres, Alex Miller, and Joe Schutzman, which was an instant success creating Rio and The Ramblers. In addition to playing with The Ramblers, Rio is a live performer at Kings Island Amusement Park and backing vocalist for Signs of Life: Pink Floyd Experience. Rio has shared the stage with Chuck Brisbin and The Tuna Project, Jellico Motel, Birdfinder, Cincinnati Frequency Band, and Dixie and The Airwaves. Rio enjoys getting a crowd on their feet with some classic rock and blues tunes while dancing around like maniac keeping time with a tambourine. 

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