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Reasons For Moving

Reasons For Moving is just as much rock as pop, just as much acoustic as experimental, and very much the sum of its parts.  The original band was an acoustic duo, Scot N. Kaeff and Tim McNally, who have been friends since high school and played together in a variety of bands, that started as an every Saturday songwriting experiment and ended with 2010’s release of Consumption Of The Fittest.

In 2011, feeling the need for expansion of their sound and sonic experimentation, and having met Dave Crowe, who had heard Consumption and felt the need to jump into the fray, RFM expanded to include keyboards and, shortly thereafter, live drums.  In 2013, having continued to write and expand their oeuvre, the guys in RFM realized that Scot’s voice was not strong enough to cover the new sonic ground they were working in and began seeking a lead vocalist.  The answer to that search came in the form of an old friend, Jessica Palmer Banish, who had played together with Tim and Scot in Feelin’ Crystal, a progressive metal band, in the mid-1990’s.

Work continued on new songs, building the set list and preparing to record when RFM’s drummer suffered an injury at work and was unable to continue. 
Rather than introducing a new percussionist, especially since a significant portion of the band’s material was more acoustic-based, they decided to program the drums and rhythms as needed, which provided the opportunity to work with more delays and reverb and opened even more sonic areas to the band.

Reasons For Moving is currently completing work on their new e.p., Inevitable, which they plan to release in the spring of 2015 as they begin booking new shows.


Reasons For Moving is

Scot N. Kaeff + bass guitars, acoustic guitars, programming & vocals

Tim McNally + acoustic guitars, electric guitars, programming & vocals

Dave Crowe + keyboards, piano, acoustic guitar & vocals

Jessica Palmer Banish + lead vocals

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