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Pope Griswald

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The inception of Pope Griswald began with founding members, Jake Daugherty and Michael Hundley meeting on the baseball diamond in high school. The two soon found that they not only shared a love for baseball, but also a passion for music. After an inside joke spawned the moniker, Pope Griswald, the duo dove head first into the world of song writing, at the time, both wielding acoustic guitars. Several failed attempts, and an eventual epiphany later, “Beautiful Mistake,” their first tune, was spawned. Over the next five years, the two perfected their craft before finally finding their true instruments and their identity as song writers. Jake took the role of lead singer and rhythm guitarist, and Michael fell in love with the low end becoming Pope’s bassist. With an extensive catalogue of songs, it became time to complete the full band line-up. Michael recruited his younger brother Chris to complete the rhythm section on drums, bringing about a genetically linked groove machine that Jake and lead guitarist Kurt Jones could seamlessly weave their licks over. Thus, the quartet was complete. Pope Griswald defines modern era rock with influences of classic rock anchored deep within their roots. Unique rhythms and catchy vocal melodies are Jake’s forte, though some may argue that his lyrics are his strong suit. But don’t forget about his foot-tapping rhythmic patterns that stray from the mundane, clichéd, straight quarter note patterns of the cookie-cutter bands that litter the airwaves today. Kurt’s guitar playing has been called soulful, aggressive, and engaging. His riffs are the perfect counter melodies to Jake’s vocal lines, while all the while helping to mold together the foundation of the song. Michael’s bass playing is hard to define as his style blends together finger style playing, slapping and pick playing. His grooves are deep and insatiable. His sense of “the pocket” drives the songs’ already rocking nature. Combine this with his brother Chris’ dynamic drum beats and stick twirling acrobatics, and the rhythm section is complete. Chris never fails to impress with his sense of timing and his ability to be the glue that holds the songs together. Brace yourself for what’s to come… The gospel of Pope has begun.

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