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Patrick Sweany

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"For those who love the Blues but are bored with the tight-assed "white guys in blazers" style and prefer something more adventurous, Sweany is a slam-dunk. The new album is a start-to-finish thrill, partly due to the singer/songwriter/guitarist's lack of "stick to the script" Blues theory. Sweany dips into the more folksy side of Blues, slinky R&B, early Rock & Roll, '70s Blues Rock and dirty Garage Blues. That's not to say that Sweany is for White Stripes fans only; the man has mad-crazy skills in whatever style he's exploring and redecorating, something even the staunchest "back in my day" curmudgeon is sure to appreciate if they give it an open-minded listen." - Mike Breen,Cincinnati CityBeat 

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