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Our House In Order

What happens when you cross an Elephant and Rhino? Eli-phino.... but I do know what you get when you mix four scum bag dudes from Cincinasty and put them in a dingy room with instruments and a microphone... you get O.H.I.O.

After finding the long lost "groove" deep within a twinkie and mountain dew binge, these sturdy gents decided to make some muzak.... like sheering sheep with a chainsaw O.H.I.O brings a unique blend of heavy riffs and smooth bass lines grouped with pounding drums all blended together in a sound that will make you grow a beard, kill a bear with your bare hands and then make sweet love to your woman on top of an active volcano while quoting the greatest man of all time... Chuck Norris.

We're that stuff you put in when you want to be awesome and need a kick ass soundtrack to get you in the mood.

stay classy 'merica.

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