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Oski Isaiah

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Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Oski Isaiah began his musical career after graduating high school. Trying to figure out what his next move in life would be, he followed the traditional trend of attending college but after a few semesters he realized college might not be for him.Taking the summer off,he reunited with his high school friend "Jade in Space" (formerly known as Fresh Vader). The two spent the summer of 2010, playing video games and writing music, the collection of songs eventually turned into they're first collaborative project " Get Fresh Presents Enough Said Vol.1".
Creating a small buzz on the college campus of the University of Cincinnati it eventually lead to them opening up for "Chip tha Ripper" (A.K.A King Chip) at the Pike Spring Concert 2011.
Feeding off the momentum of the show, Oski continued to work on more music,
creating different projects such as "Shit I did at a party" "Arizona's
and Bad Bitches" and "I think I'm Awkward". Not feeling like those
projects were true to who he was as an artist, he went back to the
drawing board and created and co-founded his brand "LME: Loyalty Means
Everything". With a fresh start going into the year 2014, he released
his debut album "Loyalty Means Everything". It was his first attempt at
making a statement in the hip hop community of Cincinnati.
He started to create a name for himself by attending local hip hop showcases
and out performing the other acts. He slowly began proving himself in
the local music scene but knew he needed more to separate himself from
other artist. He linked up with "Bangout Films" and released his first
music video from the album "Judging You". With strong performance scenes
and effects through out the video. Oski slowly became an artist to keep
an eye on, but it wasn't till his single "I Got Me" that really caught
the attention of the city, from the actual release of the video and the
live performances, the song became an fan favorite and even caught third
basemen "Josh Harrison" of the Pittsburgh Pirates attention and he now
walks out to song during games.
Having an successful 2014 campaign, 2015 had to be bigger and better and taken to the next level. Which lead to his highly anticipated sophomore album "NXT LVL SHT"
released in August 2015. The new project opened many doors for Oski such
as becoming an brand ambassador for "Ohio Against The World", opening
up for A$AP Ferg at the Ubahn Fest, performing live in Atlanta at A3C
2015 and even Cincinnati #1 hip hop and R&B station "101.1 The Wiz",
recognized Oski as "The Nati Flava" artist of the week.
Even with all the hard work starting to paying off, Oski still feels like
this is only the beginning and he has a long way to go. He plans on
releasing more music to create a larger fan base and to eventually
become an household name.

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