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2016 has been a awesome year for ninefifteen. Starting lst December 2015 the band welcomed our new singer Marcello Vierria from Portugal. Marcello has been inspirational with all the new material. As we continue to work with him it has become apparent that the new songs stand out in message as well as performance. Through the use of drop box and stuido one at 96K we have completed 5 songs and working on a few more. This months the tune is called Bolillios. Its a song about world famine. Marcello is singing the chorus in 4 languages. When complete we look to post it to skunk radio in the UK. Nick Bales has started to use a triger on the kick drum. This seems to give him a lot more control with the new songs. John Hutton picked up a AXXfx II by fractal audio systems. This processor is sweet !!  ninefifteen is just not another metal band that forms into the same mold as most. With innovative thought and attention to harmony and melody you can find a cross section of poly rhythms that stand out to define the old school metal meshed to a new style of song. A song structure that defies the norm and shows the possibilities of  alternate time and syncopation's. METAL YEAH !!

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