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Moriah Haven

Moriah Haven is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, Aspergersadvocate, and visual artist with a background in American Roots music. Despite her history, she has has performed with lineups spanning from entirely traditional, to wildly experimental. With an ability to deliver a uniquely emotional vocal performance, you will always feelwhat Moriah is singing. She also performs with family Bluegrass outfit,Lawson Reunion.

"I never thought I wanted to do anything besides sing. My heart never gave me another option, really."
The #GrowthProject:
Moriah Haven's upcoming concept piece truly seeks to dive into the nittiest of the grittiest of the human experience, telling the story of "Maia", a survivor with a history of abuse. In this concept piece, "Maia" makes the journey from the resulting darkness and doubt, into self-love and enlightenment, growth after tribulation, courage after fear.
Removing Stigmas
The material in this project wishes to face these demons, working to remove the stigmas attached to speaking about abuse and mental health struggles. The project does not approach these subjects lightly, but always has emphasis on triumph over the darkness, the silver lining around every dark cloud, the beauty and complexity of the human heart's journey.
You can follow all of the behind the scenes developments for the Growth Project via Twitter, the Moriah Haven Music Facebook Community, and Instagram.


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