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Moon Duo

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Space Rock: the final shredding frontier. These are the voyages of the crunchy Psychedelic Rock band Moon Duo. Its six-year (and counting) mission: to explore strange new worlds on the journey to the center of the blown mind, to seek out new sounds via familiar influences and instrumentation and, with an armory of blistering recordings, to boldly go where no two-man guitar/drum, fuzz-crusted, riff-mongering outfit has gone before. And to be loud enough to scare the scales off a Klingon’s ass.

You’ll Dig It If You Dig: A fold in the time continuum causes the acid-laced bubblegum Psychedelia of the ’60s to overlap simultaneously with the Space Rock of the ’90s, resulting in The Velvet Underground and Spiritualized collaborating on a Happening, with exultant head-bobbing all around. (BB)

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