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Mike Perkins

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I hear music everywhere. Always have. Beats and melodies are constantly swirling around in my head. Although I technically write my own songs, I feel like it's more accurate to say that I find them. I often hear songs in my dreams, wake up, and then hurry to my guitar before the subtle nuances of the music escape me. I also enjoy noticing rhythms in the physical world. Whether it's a pattern in the clouds, bands of wind blowing across a field of tall grass, birds talking to each other, the changing of the seasons, a crackling campfire, babies turning into old people, or the sound of my dogs snoaring, rhythm is EVERYWHERE. On stage, I feel like a kid that gets to play on an infinite jungle gym..... always finding something new to swing on or climb. When playing music, the only limitation is your imagination. You can go anywhere you want. I think that's why I tend to sing with my eyes closed. I feel like my best songs are still ahead of me, but that's probably what every musician thinks. Otherwise, the "jungle gym" would start to get boring. Maybe outer space is God's jungle gym? 

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