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Migrant Kids

Using the elements of water, electricity, vibration, and pulse, this 3-piece from Austin, Texas create an ethereal psychedelic experience of electronic storms, atmospheric voices, and rhythms that unfold and explode in otherworldly scenes.

Migrant Kids was formed in 2011 in Detroit, Michigan by cousins Miguel Ojeda and John Zakoor. The two come from a large migrant family where they all grew up playing music together. Soon after the formation of Migrant Kids, John and Miguel decided it was time to leave the harsh winters of Michigan and head south to Austin, which is where they found the 3rd member of the group, Bryan O’Flynn. Bryan, a then recent Austin transplant from Cincinnati, Ohio, shared that special Midwest connection with them and they started creating music together. The trio continued to progress their musical styles and musicianship, resulting in their debut album 2 years later.

Drawing heavily from the influences of David Lynch and the method acting techniques of Stanislavski, Migrant Kids create more than just individual, one-dimensional songs. Their art feels less like an album and more like a drug induced hallucinogenic experience of electronic spirits and atmospheric ghosts. Vocals are breathed, not sung. Melodies pose questions. Rhythms erupt over vast soundscapes.

Every aspect of Migrant Kids is a collaboration, from the musical concepts to the artwork and photography. John & Miguel perform vocals, guitars and bass, and synth arrangements. Bryan performs drums, sampling, and synths.

Migrant Kids is Miguel Ojeda, Bryan O’Flynn, & John Zakoor.

This band isn't local to Cincinnati.

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