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Mick and Don

Mick and Don

Truth be told, there's only a handful of musicians that have managed to maintain a longstanding presence in the colorful history of contemporary music here in Cincinnati. Mick Denton and Don Mackie however fall soundly into that category

There's undoubtedly an overflow of single and duo acts in Cincinnati and both Mick and Don felt they wanted (perhaps needed) to raise the bar past the cliché Jimmy Buffet knock-offs. Their song list includes a mix of music from the ‘70s through the present, but the underlying theme is always that the music is aptly chosen, well rehearsed, well thought out, and impeccably performed. In short not the average musical project by anyone's standard and undeniably a musical cut above.

In an age and time where both musicians and listeners alike have lost track of dynamics and tone, which in the end are the fundamental cornerstones of great music, it's refreshing to see some haven't abandoned that idea. The time and energy this Duo puts into not only the performance itself, but the sound, is unmatched in the area. It's fascinating to hear Mick’s unique ability to rearrange cover tunes into new and refreshing pieces. Not an easy task to be sure, and a talent Mick continues to apply to the Duo.

In the end, this is an extremely unique Duo. The level of talent and commitment to quality makes for one of the best musical experiences here in town and beyond.

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