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Meg Osman

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Meg Osman

My name is Megan Renee Osman. I call myself Meg Renee. I live in the fairly small town of Troy, Ohio and have all of my life. Troy has been a great place to grow up and very supportive of my music. Though I'm not really sure what genre it's in, my music has meaning. Even if that meaning is something fun like "Hey guys I'm crazy let’s all be crazy together" which is the point of my song titled, Crazy. I'm a writer first and foremost so if I ever lose my voice and break all of my fingers beyond repair I'll still be writing something. That's why I think my music is so diverse. I appreciate all genres and sometimes those sounds need to be incorporated in the words and emotions of song. That's not to say that I don't have my own distinct style. It's hard to explain unless you take a listen to the songs. I would say it is folk, country, bluesy and indie at times. I'm a sixteen year old girl who has got something to say. My music career is slow moving as all music careers generally are unless you're that lucky 1%. Still I have been having a good time and continue to meet lots of great artists along the way. I have decided I am going to give it my all because this is what I really want to do in life. I love writing music and entertaining people. I go around playing my music at local coffee houses, county fairs, festivals, farmer’s markets, you name it. I have played the occasional first dance for the bride and groom at their wedding as well. I do lots of charity events to help people out, and I play basically anywhere people will let me. It's a good job I'd say considering I get to play music for some pretty cool people.

So how did I get into playing music? Where did it all start? To be honest I'm not sure I can pinpoint a time in my life that music wasn't present. I can remember when I was a little girl having a Sesame Street play guitar. When I was six I decided I wanted to make a girl band with my best friend and we'd write silly songs that we would pretend people would hear some day. I started taking lessons from my dad at the age of nine to play the guitar in the girl band I still dreamed of having. Later I ended up taking lessons from Sound City Music, a local music store in Troy, for a few years. I had always sort of wanted to be a singer/songwriter, but the moment I actually became determined to make it happen was in my sixth grade music class. My teacher told us to write down a musical goal for ourselves that year and I had just bought a giant notebook containing a single song I had written. On that day I made my musical goal to fill that notebook with songs. That was the moment I truly chose to be do this, to become a singer/songwriter. I've been serious about my music career ever since. My music became a great way to handle things going on in my life. Before music, I had no confidence and low self-esteem. Once I started writing and singing on a regular basis, I felt like I had something that set me apart from everyone and that made everything they said matter a whole lot less. For a while, singing at church and at occasional talent shows was enough. Eventually though I needed that rush, I loved playing front of all those people. So, in eighth grade I started playing out. I did somelocal farmer's markets, met a lot of different people, learned a lot of things about my craft, and really just got my feet wet. It was amazing and the summer after that summer I started doing more, playing became a year round thing. Now in my sophomore year of high school I have music in my daily balance with everything else. Some days it's just school, work, and then a gig at the coffee shop playing for tips. It's tiring and sometimes I miss out on things that other teenagers get. I think it's worth it though because I also get experiences that other teenagers may never have. For example, all my friends went to my town's tree lighting and I was kind of upset because I was going to miss it. I had to think back later though and say, "Yeah, but that night instead of watching something you see every year, you played on a float in a parade for a huge crowd." That's not such a bad give and take in my opinion. My favorite part is the crowd. I get so excited when I'm playing a song and someone is tapping their foot or clapping to the beat. One time a little girl and her sister were dancing to my song Dancing Seems Dumb. That made my day. Also one time, I was asked to write a song for a police memorial ceremony in my hometown and when I played it all the families were very touched and wanted a copy of it. That was a moving experience. The crowd makes my job even more fun because they make my songs matter. If there was no crowd, the song wouldn't come to live in anyone's heart but mine. So that's why I do what I do and that's why I love doing it so much. Plus playing music is just plain amazing. There's nothing else in the world I want to do. In the future I hope to go to Nashville for college and see how far I can go with my music.

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