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McGuff and the Dumpster Fires

If the Clash got together with Janis Joplin, they would all love McGuff and the Dumpster Fires... and you might like them, too!  Based in Dayton, Ohio, this foursome makes new music come to life with influences from punk, blues, rockabilly, and cheap beer. Since forming in late 2012, MDF has grown and evolved to become a rising name in the Ohio music scene.

Led by lovebirds Taylor and Emily McGuff, their shared role as lead vocalists bring a broad range of styles to their songwriting. Old-school bassist Keith Klein of Dayton lends an experienced hand and road-tested pop sensibilities to this emerging band. Phil Doncaster of Troy, Ohio brings the noise with his intense and diverse approach to the drum kit. He is also known for performing improv comedy, which makes him the perfect backline for the fun-loving McGuffs.

Taylor, a veteran of the Air Force, is the real driver for the group behind his fierce approach to the guitar. Emily's poetic and intellectual approach to writing is the perfect counterbalance to his raw energy. Together,  they bring real kinetic power to the stage.  This is a band that is having a good time whether you like it or not, and everyone is invited to the party.

MDF'S second album, WOLVES, was released December 2, 2016.  The band once again enlisted  producer/engineer Justin Moore's studio in Piqua, Ohio to record the album in three days.  From the first notes of the title track, this record reinforces the Dumpster Fires' theme of eclectic songwriting and thunderous pop hooks.   Taylor shows his punk and rockabilly roots with "E-Cig" and "Travel On" while "Bone Cage" and "Witness" showcase Emily's funky vocal prowess.  "Collide" reveals the band's grunge influences, and "Harry Bergs" brings some psychedelic flavor with inspiration from "Harrison Bergeron" - Kurt Vonnegut's 1961 short story about a dark, politically-correct future. 

This is a band that prides itself on never sounding the same from one song to the next.  Between fiery guitar licks, a funky rhythm section that blasts full speed ahead, and soaring dual-vocal lines, McGuff and the Dumpster Fires is here to make you move.

Praise for debut album "PEEL IT BACK":

MDF'S debut album PEEL IT BACK was recorded by Justin Moore in Piqua, Ohio. He brought out the best in MDF to lay down six tracks ranging from the hard-hitting war protest "Tin Soldiers" to the surprising ballad "Brai(m)" sung in harmony by both McGuffs. While "Hangin'" is a straight-up punk anthem, the playful "Drink and a Dress" shows the band's soulful side. But songs like "Nightwatchman" and "Ghost Town" best exemplify their unique indie sound.

"And perhaps no local group distills those convergent sounds into a purposeful whole like McGuff and the Dumpster Fires."   (Dayton City Paper)

"... the whole band is firing on all cylinders..."  (Punk

"Rather than an unfocused mess, the diversity is held together by Taylor’s distinctive guitar playing, the tasty vocal interplay between the two singing McGuffs and the rock solid rhythm section of Klein and Doncaster" (Dayton Daily News)


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