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Matthew Douglas Simpson

Matthew Douglas Simpson is a strange brew. Dangerously observational, painfully perceptive, a representational artist, painting with pen, pad, and the grit that comes with truth. Madly devoted to honesty, he boldly and bluntly shines a shattering light on flawless facades, including his own. Oh, and he's an ordained minister. 

"I write what I see", says Simpson. " With the trials of life as my inspiration, my songs are a canvas filled with love, affliction and the hope that dwells between the two."

Simpson's brand of rural route rock & roll connects with music fans across genre lines. Road trip tested and music snob approved, Matthew Douglas Simpson is every bit the hard-headed, sharp-tongued, scarred knuckled, romantic, trailer park troubadour needed in this world of formulaic, plastic, auto-tuned, swill. 

So the next time your down on your luck and too proud to beg, Matthew Douglas Simpson will be there to sing about it, and if your lucky enough to find the man or woman of your dreams, heck, he can marry you too!


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