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ome bands defy classification. No genre can hold Marksmen. Some bands quite simply cannot be easily pigeonholed by buzz words thrown together by music writers. Alt-country. Dark southern rock. Proto-prog. How can you easily describe a group that combines hard-driving rhythms, guitars that alternately shred and jangle, and a frontman whose distinctive warble delivers equally unforgettable, emotionally naked lyrics?

Matt Segallos bare his soul with every lyric. His universally relatable musings on the light and dark sides of life, love, and spirituality filter through rich imagery and vivid storytelling characteristic of the most veteran lyricists. The rest of the band create perfectly complimentary music to match Matt's words, slumbering or soaring appropriately, and expertly exhibiting their song-craft.

In person, Marksmen inspire and awe their audience with equal power to their incredible debut album, "Sister of Mine." After only a short two years in the gritty Tampa, FL music scene, Marksmen are winning the love of not only local radio stations, newspapers and music blogs, but also many, many fans.

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