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The Manifest Station

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Established in 2009, tMS brings a growing collection of original songs to the table along with a few old standards thrown in there. They have come a long long way from three years ago, and the momentum is picking up every day. 
Although fresh (just under 3 years as a band) is stacked with experience. All the members been at their trade from a young age, and bring complex arrangements and dramatic change-ups to the table on a regular basis. Solid rhythms and thunderous bass lines are the glue for this band, backed up by robot-like precision from Boomer on the drums... all together sets the stage for Frizz to come unglued. 
Hailing from the Ohio area and based in Cincinnati currently, the boys are moving up quickly being established as a band in town and at the music fests that bring a strong crowd on the regular. Check back soon as our spring/summer 2012 is in the works!!

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