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"Color" - A phenomenon of light or visual perception that enables one to differentiate otherwise identical objects.

There are many shades of color that make up the dynamic of Madisyn’s world – this female-fronted rock act embraced those differences to make, what seemed impossible, actually work.

Coming from multiple various avenues in life and music, Madisyn has one common piece to their puzzle: to stand up for what they believe and give it every ounce of being into what they do.

Their different personalities and musical tastes are a creative catapult; producing a collage of sounds that takes the listener from an edgy rock to moving melodies and harmonies. Their differences can be viewed as obstacles by many, but similarities in their work ethics get things accomplished and create just the right sound and combinations for their music and band.

Their debut radio single “Against the World” is the band’s self-description - about being yourself and what you are called to be, no matter how society perceives you.

Be sure to catch Madisyn at a live show or radio station near you.

-They are that “Color”.

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