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Lying In Ruins

Lying In Ruins is a Hardcore/Alternative rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio and has been together since 2005. A new line up has formed since the bands original line up in 2005. When it came time to name the album we decided that "The Scars Still Remain" summed up the album nicely. We've all shared countless trials of heartbreak and bad relationships. Most of us wear our battle scars deep inside but it was so much easier to let them flow through the melody of hate songs like "Fuck You." When we play these songs it's like we get to let go of the rage and hurt that we've all built up through the years. We put so much passion and feeling into the music we write. If you hear it in the lyrics, then one of us has probably lived it. I know most people will think that we are just another band whining about our lives. It's more like a cheaper way to deal with the scars we have instead of paying for therapy. Everybody has one person in your life that knows just how to break you down. Maybe it's an ex or an enemy but they know just where to stick the knife, and leave your life in ruins. This album is pretty much based around that person in each of our lives. Now of course it's not just one person that we all know. Just certain people that made it hard for us to live our lives with or without them. The band name Lying In Ruins. I know most of you are thinking why aren't they a metal band with a name like that. Well because one we wouldn't fit that type of genre and two it really is just a mirror image of the past and the obstacles that we all had to go through to be where we are now. We won't lie some of our lives are still in pieces from the damage. So Lying In Ruins just seemed to fit perfectly.

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