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LiViD are a rhythmically driven, melodically obsessive juggernaut of modern heavy rock. Based in Cincinnati, OH, one of the country’s most diverse musical municipalities, LiViD have been cultivating their own unique, genre-defying brand of sonic & visual intensity for the last 15 years. Boasting one of the midwest’s most complete & talented lineups, a live LiViD show is, truly, an unparalleled performance event. The music itself is a collective representation of the emotional spectrum of the human experience, and often, is as chaotic & unpredictable as it is beautifully pristine.

Love. Grief. Pity. Apathy. Pain. 

Lust. Rage. Contempt. Wrath. Desire. 

Hatred. Empathy. Fear. Disdain. Envy. 

Spite. Scorn. Regret. Hope. Loss.

Betrayal. Pride. Agony. Guilt. Ecstasy.

These are not simply feelings or emotions. They weave the fibers of the fabric that makes up OUR human experience. LiViD use all of the above as tools to construct passionate, inspired music, capable of impacting anyone familiar with the highs & lows that life has to offer. For those who aren’t yet familiar, welcome. We’ve been expecting you…

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