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Life Brother

We're a group of musicians and artists chasing our dreams while currently based out of Cincinnati, OH. As for our music, there are a lot of great influences that have led to the sound that we call Life Brother. Its a bit of an Alternative/Indie Rock combined with hints of funk and... honestly we're not sure.

 We all went to high school together in Chillicothe, OH and that is where we all met and first played music together. Not long after high school we realized that we all wanted to make music, so we dropped out of college and here we are in cincinnati making it happen. 

Interesting facts about life brother...

We all played in at least one church band at different points in time during our childhood,

We each do the same things entirely different from eachother.

The name "Life Brother" was formed on the spot on stage at an open mic at Tony's Bar in Newark, OH


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