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Ludovic G. Nicolaidis, better known as "LethalFX", is a professional human beatboxer taking the world of beatboxing by storm force! With beginnings in Youngstown, Ohio, LethalFX has recently relocated to Columbus. The 25 year old artist has been beatboxing for over ten years and performing since 2009.

Having since performed for various crowds of up to 10,000 people, LethalFX's performance styles and abilities are diverse, including but not limited to such genres as dubstep, trip-hop, trance, techno, house music, hip hop, and many more. Recently, LethalFX began to broaden his abilities by producing his own music and creating electronic beats in his personal studio. This is where LFX acquired his new passion for creating electronic music.

Aside from just a microphone, LethalFX has an armory of looping equipment for a unique performance sure to please any audience! His latest set-up consists of two KP3 Kaoss Pads, Kaossilator Pro, DigiTech JamMan Loop Station, DigiTech Vocal 300 FX Processor, MicroKorg Synthesizer/Vocoder, and a Sennheiser e838 microphone. He currently utilizes this pack of technology to craft LIVE electro-jam beatboxing on stage.

With this much talent in a solo act, LethalFX is certain to capture the likes of any crowd in any genre!

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