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Lackluster sits somewhere between the frantic and the calm, with songs of consequence, faith, desperation, and redemption. Each song is a journey venturing on both sides of the fence before often coming to an erupting conclusion. 
This method has been built upon, and occasionally abandoned, over the course of two LP's. "Everything I Ever Thought I'd Never Need to Know," in 2006, and "So it Goes," in 2008 slowly built upon this. The new release "Two Birds, One Stone", pushes things a bit further. Gone is the quiet desperation for belonging. In its place, a more visceral list of demands punctuated by introspection focusing on personal responsibility, and the frustration of living in a world without it. 
Live performances range from solo performances involving samplers and such, to a much more bombastic and explosive experience with a full band, featuring Jimmy Weisbarth of Verner Caliper on bass.

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