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Kyla Mainous

Kyla Mainous is an acoustic singer/songwriter from the Cincinnati area. While her debut album "Mighty War" (2015) is full band, Kyla primarily performs solo with her acoustic guitar and ukulele. 
Kyla has been performing solo since she was five years old. Her first time singing in front of a crowd was for a Christmas program at her church with just over 100 attendees. Since then, Kyla hasn't been able to stay off the stage. She began playing guitar at 15, and soon began putting the lyrics she'd been writing for years to the melodies she'd write on guitar. At around 16, Kyla began playing out at bars in the Cincinnati area. She did show choir in high school as well as led worship at her church, which by then had amassed over 1000 members. Kyla holds the title of Fairfield Idol 2010 and runner up in Miami University's "Miami Idol" in 2011. She has auditioned for The Voice several times as well, although she hasn't had much luck (yet). 
Now an MU grad, Kyla works as a bartender and plays music every chance she has. She is currently searching for a studio to record her sophomore album and is constantly on the lookout for gigs. You can "like" Kyla on Facebook and buy her debut album on iTunes, Amazon, and where ever else digital copies are sold. For booking, email Kyla directly at

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