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Kill Box

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Formed by Billy Cole, Scott Amiott, Roy Smith and Brad Borchers in 2011, this line up has been in various bands that have made an impact on the local scene. Searching for a sound that we all felt was lost in the heavy scene, we took it upon ourselves to form Kill Box, with hopes of turning enough heads to make people notice that there IS a scene in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area! We are... very proud of the material and want to thank everyone who has been in support of this project..It is all still very new, but we believe this band will have a lot to offer with songs like "Coming Back" and "The Way It's Gonna Be"...We are very excited, as a band and as fans of metal, to make a contribution to music and bring back the stuff that we miss, and what I think everyone has been waiting for. Thanx to all the people for helping along the way. We will not let u down ..thanx much..see ya in the pit!..brad

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