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The Cincinnati Kid

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Music has always been an Influence on my life, but once I picked up a guitar at age 16, givien to me by a friend who would later start his first band with, It was then where My musical conquest really began. during the short span of My band Peaceful War, An alternative rock based band Who made numerous accomplishments including Recording sessions in Tv studios and opening for 21 Piolots.

With a similar fall to most bands, everyone in the band had thier own objectives which lead to the bands split. During the ending of this band is where the vast exposure to Hip Hop truly began after attending a Jay-Z concert during The Blueprint 3 tour, with his uncle who had an extra ticket.

Seeing the bridge cross between seeing how a band operated live was practacally universal no matter what genre. Different sounds can be translated through different instruments it interpretates. It's this philosophy that drove The Cincinnati Kid to break from the fallen ashes of a Peaceful War to interpret My music in both electronic and acoustic means.

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