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Just After Yesterday

Chris Reynolds (vocals/bass), Jeff Stueve (drums), Jay Stueve (guitar/vocals)
Just After Yesterday is a rock trio from Ohio. The idea behind this project was to simply write songs for the average joe. Songs that get stuck in your head... Songs that you wake up the next day singing. They didn't want to make it too heavy, too complicated, or too self indulgent. They simply wanted to write.... "Songs For The People".

Just After Yesterday is kind of the "anti" new-rock band. Their goal was to make an old school rock record that had the character and personality that most of the early to mid 90's rock records had. "Today's music has a tendency to all sound the same. Creating something sonically original, all while writing solid radio friendly rock songs, was the goal from day one." The new record titled "Songs For The People" brings back that vibe from when rock records had a unique sound to them and were worth listening to from beginning to end.

Just After Yesterday brings a refreshing vibe back to the table. In this stagnant music business it's nice to see a band that is fighting to keep rock alive and doing it with flare. Check them out here, on itunes, amazon, or wherever you buy or stream music.

This band isn't local to Cincinnati.

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