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Josh McIntosh and Company

Josh McIntosh and Company (commonly shortened to JM&Co.) is led by McIntosh and Chris Owens who both hail from Ft. Thomas, Kentucky.  The band's nickname, JM&Co. not only refers to the company of musicians that makeup the band but also to Owens' initials.  McIntosh, who is a felony prosecutor by day and Owens, a chemist and the band's drummer, have been best friends since the 8th grade and started the group in February of 2013 as somewhat of a hobby outside of their "real jobs."  They were soon joined by fellow Kentucky boys Matt Louis of Elsmere on bass, Brandon Prew of Ft. Mitchell on saxophone, Ryan Boldery of Walton on lead guitar, and the band's newest addition, Jordan Wilson of Carrollton on guitar and as well as lead vocals on some songs.

Says McIntosh, “Chris and I started the band for pure fun and as a relief from the stress sometimes caused by our work.  It has definitely become bigger than we ever thought and has brought us amazing opportunities.”  Some of those opportunities include having a front page article about the band in the Kentucky Enquirer and opening for national acts such as Aerosmith and Toby Keith, to name a few.  

As for the music, JM&Co. do not confine themselves to any specific musical genre and instead play music that everyone knows and loves.  They follow one rule while on stage: have fun, play your heart out and the audience will follow.  To that end, their repertoire includes songs from every genre of music and ones that will get you on your feet and dancing along. Go see for yourself as the band plays consistently year round and their schedule can always be found on their Facebook page (linked below).  

JM&Co.'s success hasn't slowed thus far and with some gigs booked out almost a year in advance, there seems to be no sign of it doing so anytime soon.  “I can't exactly say what the future holds, but I know that we all want to keep the band together as long as we're having fun and entertaining audiences," says McIntosh.  

The Lineup
Josh McIntosh- rhythm guitar/lead vocals
Chris Owens- drums/vocals
Matt Louis - bass/vocals
Ryan Boldery - lead guitar
Jordan Wilson - guitar/vocals
Brandon Prew - saxophone


Contact/Booking Info:

Twitter: @jmcandcompany1

Instagram: @joshmcintoshandco

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