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John Aulabaugh

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Who is John Aulabaugh?

John Aulabaugh is an atypical newcomer into the world of alt-country rock and roll. He has more of the prodigal son than the prodigy in him. He is a businessman, a philanthropist, a father, a husband, a mentor…and music is the common thread woven throughout the many roles he occupies.

John is a man with a mission and a cause, to not only entertain but also leverage the healing power of music. After a life time of witnessing the destructive toll of drug and alcohol abuse on friends and family, John decided to move away from his role as businessman, to focus on his philanthropic efforts and his long-lost passion for music – ultimately combining the two. Not only is he a dedicated musician, but he’s also a writer with a forthcoming multi-media project that will involve an album, a companion book, and a tour that will benefit John’s charitable efforts.

Who is John Aulabaugh? His story begins in the Land of Lincoln, near the Indiana border. John’s father taught music and literature at Eastern Illinois University, and his mother was an opera singer. John’s early life was both blessed and touched by tragedy, as he lost two of his brothers while growing up. He picked up a guitar, handed down from his brothers, as an adolescent and learned to play along with his sibling’s Hendrix, Credence, and Frampton records. He put himself through school gigging 5 nights a week in his band The Vigilantes, and then hung up his ax to embark upon a business career.

As time went on John felt the desire to contribute to life in a deeper fashion. He became an advisory board member of Musicians On Call (a non-profit organization which helps bring music to non-ambulatory patients in their rooms) and picked up his guitar once again, playing with his twin sons on a volunteer basis at military and children’s hospitals. After moving from the DC area to Central Illinois, he expanded the focus of his charitable endeavors after gaining an appreciation of the scale of the drug problem in the Ohio Valley. His personal experiences of witnessing several people in his life fall prey to the destruction of alcohol and drugs inspired him to bring the healing power of music to those seeking help. To that end he’s begun working with Transitions, a Cincinnati-based non-profit providing recovery treatment services.

John continues performing and writing, using his philanthropic efforts as inspiration for his lyrics. His debut album ‘Of Sins Present and Past’ is a musical anthology, dominated by the themes of hope and empathy. He enlisted the help of numerous musicians to turn his musical ambitions into a reality. The album’s producer is Rami Jaffee who has worked with Pete Yorn and Everclear. He is currently on tour with the Foo Fighters, and is also the keyboardist for The Wallflowers. Jessy Greene is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist on strings. She has been a member of the Jayhawks and a touring musician with the Foos. John has also collaborated with Dave Krusen (Pearl Jams) on drums, and Jason Abraham Roberts on guitar (Norah Jones). Together they’ve shaped John’s passion and encouraged him to develop the other facets of the project. The album will be accompanied by a companion book with each chapter devoted to telling the back story behind each song on the album. Proceeds from the album and book will help fund the organizations he supports. In this way, he will invite fans and friends to contribute their energies and amplify their efforts to serve others in need.

This is John Aulabaugh.

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