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Joe Wannabe and the Mad Man's Blues Band

Joe Wannabe and the Mad Man's Blues Band

I’m Joe and I front Joe Wannabe and The Mad Man’s Blues Band from Cincinnati, Ohio. We are in the process of self-producing and self-promoting our first record, “No Way in Hell.”

My band and I have finished two songs for the record and are releasing them as we finish up the rest. I’m not much of a marketing expert, but speaking for the fellas in the band and myself, we sure would appreciate it if you took a moment to check us out and listen to our new songs “No Way in Hell” and “Demons on My Back.”

I have been a student, a firefighter, an EMT, a secretary, a telemarketer, and even a line cook for two days (Again, sorry, Ethan, that was really my bad).  But there is nothing I love being more than a blues musician. Nothing is better than sitting in a circle passing a guitar around telling stories and sharing songs.


The blues is about working through the bad times and celebrating the good times. My favorite part of making the record has been the time spent playing music with my friends, with beer bottles sitting by amplifiers and a smoldering ashtray on a bar stool by the microphone. 

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