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Jimmy Naphthalene

The music of Jimmy Naphthalene is a blend of straightforward Hard Rock / Alternative Rock, mixed with the electronic sound of industrial, while maintaining their pop sensibilities and catchy hooks.  Lyrically, the songs are based in both fantasy and reality and there is a strong lean towards celebration of the self, individuality and personal achievement, as well as songs about sexuality, relationships, rebellion against authority, rebellion against society and what is commonly acceptable, changes that inevitably happen in life, the occult, mischief, and also creepy and outrageous things that normal people probably wouldn't say.  But thanks to Jimmy Naphthalene they can vicariously experience those things which they wouldn't otherwise dare even think about (or admit to fantasizing about).  Did you ever want to play the bad guy as a child?

Jimmy is currently in the process of writing songs which are intended to go on an album, and the band is looking forward to going in to the studio to record.

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