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Jeff Rodriguez and the 52 Alliance

Singer songwriter Jeff Rodriguez lives on the east side of Cincinnati.

After years of playing in classic rock cover bands and at events, he decided to start trying to bring his musical ideas to fruition. When he first tried to put some original material together, he found the songs he had been holding onto for decades a bit outdated and no longer representative of whom he had become. 

His first CD Immigrant Son is a collection of songs based on his life experiences and is a very personal journey structured around his thoughts and philosophies. The Cd tributes his Hispanic upbringing with English and Spanish versions of the songs. The title track is dedicated to his parents who emigrated from Cuba and instilled the American dream into their children.

Former band members and family helping with the recordings all lived within a few miles of US 52. Oh Scott lives in Indiana near US 52. So the 52 Alliance was born. Reviews have been extremely positive and you can read them on the reverbnation site.  The band is finally ready to hit the town.

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