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I Am The Messenger

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During the early months of 2008, the Cincinnati based sextet known as I Am The Messenger began piecing together an idea. The idea was one of musical originality; consisting of multiple genres. The idea was one of a stage show that would stick out from the crowd. The idea was one of changing the world through words and attitude; through being the changes that they want to see in the world.

Each member of the band comes from a very different musical background and while the musical elements of the individuals are easy to identify, I Am The Messenger as a whole have captured a unique, consistent sound that they are proud to call their own. The band's defining moments are seen on stage at one of their live shows. With non-stop movement and overpowering crowd participation, the 6 young men capture the ears, eyes, and hearts of all who witness the artistically constructed chaos that is I Am The Messenger.

I Am The Messenger takes pride in promoting a positive message through their lyrical content and they do their best to live life according to the ideas portrayed in their songs. All in all, the six members of I Am The Messenger have set eyes on a goal and will stop at nothing to get to where they know they belong.

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