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Hunting Agnes

Hunting Agnes, laying their roots in Cincinnati, Ohio, is made up of Ben Wade, Bryan Booth, Vinnie Panzeca, and Ramon Sanchez.  They have music in their blood and bones, and have been jamming together since they first met in 1998. Ben and Bryan have been the longstanding core to a couple of incarnations of this band including Tiki Lenny, who played every weekend for two years at the infamous Never on Sundays in Silverton, Ohio. Glenn and Zach joined in 2007 to create Hunting Agnes after a few years of developing their musical identities.

Having experience with a multitude of instruments, from mandolin and banjo to piano and violin, occasionally brings varying ingredients to their Indie tunes. While you may catch a couple of borrowed songs from assorted genres at their shows, (some of their favorite bands include, Weezer, Johnny Cash, DMB, etc…) most songs are homegrown. A night with Hunting Agnes always satisfies the eclectic tastes of most any music lover.

These guys are hungry and always hunting to entertain wherever, and whenever they can. With a charitable frame of mind, Hunting Agnes has also played benefit shows for soldiers heading off to Iraq, Cystic Fibrosis, Easter Seals, local charities, and is always open to rocking for a cause.

The latest addition to Hunting Agnes are Ramon Sanchez (bass and vocals) who joined in 2016 Come out to a show and say hi.

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