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Hinkley Technologies

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Hinkley Technologies is Winston Krause on Guitars, Programming and Sampling. I've a wide and varied influences from James Brown to Jeff Beck to Public Enemy to the Sex Pistols. I've played guitar and wrote music since I was 12 years of age. In the last ten years I've played in a cover band called Blind Magic; An original Punk Band called the Monkey Gods and most recently a band called Pilgrim. Pilgrim played shows at the Northside Tavern; East End Cafe and Opened for the Butchers and the Builders at the Mad Hatter. Hinkley Technologies was born out of necessity. I am shackled with a day job where I constantly travel during the week. It's hard to make it to band practice when you're in Montreal. rather than give up live performing; in 2009 I started working with Reason; a virtual rack mount synthesizer (which is a technical way of saying backing band on a computer) and began writing original music. the Idea was to use beats and loops similar to hip hop substituting in guitars for rhymes. I wated to make the music listenable and something you can dance to; while still featuring guitars. Instead of doing Freebird epic solos I leaned on my early influences Jeff Beck and Herbie Hancock to integrate guitar and computer. I try and mix it up from Loud to Quiet to Funk to Punk to metal to Fusion. the name Hinkley Technologies comes from my First electric guitar a 1973 Fender Telecaster, I bought the day Ronald Reagan was shot. My friend Kurt Froelich started calling it Hinkley and the name stuck and snowballed from there...

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