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Hello! Jersey

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Hello! Jersey began in the summer of 2010 with a few dollars and a phone call from Corey Howell to Eric Tuffendsam of Moonlight Studios. The result being a song called 'Pull Yourself Together'. Originally Corey's solo project, the beginning was slow, with the following month bringing a second song, 'I'm Just Being Honest', into the picture. As the project began gaining momentum and the Cincinnati pop-punk scene continued to grow, the necessity for live shows was becoming apparent. 

The original lineup formed in January of 2011, consisting of five members. After playing a show, hilariously enough, with Quiet Riot and finding the live performance to be stale and forced, the other members disbanded. It wasn't until Corey finished the fifth song, also the demo's namesake, that he rounded up members of various recently deceased local pop-punk bands. The new lineup proved to be much more coherent, the live shows took to a very charismatic atmosphere and the band grew at an astronomical pace.

The seven song demo, An American Summer, was officially released on the Hello! Jersey Facebook, as well as merch site ( on September 2, 2011. It is slated for release on iTunes on September 13, 2011.

Currently, Hello! Jersey is a four-piece daughter killer, consisting of Corey Howell, Brett Alexander, Sean Kathman, and Mich Reedy. Here, you'll find a glossy sound, guitars that go over catchy and easy, infectious choruses and one liners. Roll the windows down, hide your girlfriend, here its summer all year long!

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