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Hobilly was devised by Shawna Adams-wife of Jerry Adams somewhere around 1999-We formed in public in 2000 with original members Shawna Adams-vocals and writing,Jerry Adams guitar and main vocals,guitarist Gregg Reilly,bassist Dave Shultz and a list of drummers-Nick Merrilees,Zarlene,Steve "Snare" Arnzen(Snare and The Idiots), Dave Johnson,and Mick Waltrip. Hobilly took a break after the untimely and unexpected death of Gregg Reilly and among other things the health problems that confronted Dave.

About 2 years after Greggs death,and a rough patch of related issues I got my determination back and thru the encouragement of several people like Shawna Adams,David Rhodes Brown and my friend Tim Harlan-I was encouraged to continue on with Hobilly ,as I had been in original bands since 1982(and wasn't playing out-not a good thing). So I contacted longtime friend and Drummer Stan Byrd,longtime friend and former original PEPPERMINT SUBWAY bandmate- guitarist Steve Bedel, and we began on our long search for a bassist our original bassist was Robert Buettner with whom I had played and recorded in Metro Rouge with for over 10 years-but due to his work schedule he had to drop out. Next was Vince Vlasivich who was with us for several months.After that,Mike Vuotto-who answered our ad,found us and stepped up to the plate allowing us to move forward with gigs and recording. Mike left on good terms,for personal and time reasons.

We are playing some gigs trying not to oversaturate ourselves and everyone else.We have enough original material for at least 3 cd's and have no shortage of songs to finish writing and learn-the enthusiam of the band is great and their professionality is commendable.Just remember that the creative forces in this band are a driving force with myself Jerry,my wife Shawna,Stan and Steve all writing material-either collaborating or seperate and with that much input and arranging skills we have nowhere to move but forward.Steve also co writes with Steve and we also re-arrange cover songs to entertain our own devices. 

Hobilly, a 99% all original band, is a little country a little punk a little rock and a little whatever we decide to play-we have been classified as cowpunk but even at that I personally feel Trash Rock is the best description-we have all been in so many bands and have had so many influences that we are just difficult to catagorize-just want to sound like,well can contact me on f/b @ the HobillyUSA page on f/b @ Hobilly-Jerry Adams or e mail with Hobilly in the subject line.

Just this last June s/o was trying to use the band name which I have copyrighted and have had in continous use for over 10 years-so I sent a cease and desist - so we'll see where that ends up-even during the 2 year break Shawna and I were writing Hobilly songs and I was promoting past recordings on indy radio. You can listen to some on

We would like to Welcome fellow Kentucky Bassist Don Miller to the fold. Nolan Void has gone on to pursue some recording and touring plans-although he was vigilant since 2013 and still may rear his head upon occaission and he did help us with some recording at Ultrasuede this past spring.

Current 2016 Lineup: Stan Byrd -Drums/Vocals,Steve Bedel-Lead guitar/Vocals,Don Miller-Bass,Jerry Adams-Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

Shawna is now behind the scenes but still involved in Hobilly-mainly keeping my ass undercontrol and in line(and I love her for that)-but eventually we will get to do a cd featuring her songs with her on vocals-I really do miss doing Trailer Trash Love.......a lyrically great song she wrote-and I just threw in the chords-Shawnas stage name is ANGELSTARR-and getting her to commit will be a challange in itself-haha!

HOBILLY is just getting started...and we don't plan on quitting for a long time.

Aug.17,2013/Updated June 2,2016

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