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Grease, Your Baby Momma's Favorite Rapper

Grease was born & raised on the West Side of Cincinnati. At a young age was exposed to the classics of hip-hop such as Rakim, Ice Cube & Wu Tang Clan by his older brother and inspiration, 7even5th (Shawn Johnson) and developed a profound respect for all genres of music.  Grease purchased his first set of turntables at the age of 15. This is when he began learning the fundamentals if dj'ing such as sampling old vinyl to scratching on break beat records.
     At the age of 17 Grease began hosting & gaining recognition from being the host of the local radio show "B-Boys Underground" for 2 years with nationally known artist Mr. Dibbs.  Grease began rapping at the lunchroom table as a young teen. This led to Grease battling at the local hip-hop venue Topcats at the age of 18. This is when Grease began his hip-hop career by writing and recording his music which rapidly led to performing live on stage and taking his music on the road from Florida to Minnesota to New York with multiple stops along the way. Grease was driven by the feeling of contributing to the society of hip-hop as well as spreading his life experiences from being a product of his environment and this is still to this day his driving force for his career.

     In 2009, Grease released his 1st nationally distributed solo album "Written Scriptuez" at the age of 23 that featured mul-tiple well known artists such as; Mr. Dibbs and Pumpkinhead. This then lead to Grease sharing the stage with well recognized artists such as; GZA, Cappadonna, Das Efx, Jedi Mind Tricks and multiple other nationally known artists.
     After honing the skills of being an emcee, DJ'ing and co-producing music, Grease decided to establish the recording and production company Get Moore Productions. Grease's production company, Get Moore Productions has gained recognition from recording and producing multiple artists in the Greater Cincinnati Area. As the CEO of the company, he produces the artist’s music from start (production of beats) to the finish (engineering/mixing & mastering).
     In 2011, Grease became one of the founding members of the hip-hop movement Community Service. Grease does the production and engineering for Community Service at Get Moore Production. Community Service released their first nationally distributed album "Bastards of Saints" in 2012 that featured such artists as; Jibri the Wise One & Crypt the Warchild (outerspace/A.O.T.P). The highly anticipated 2nd album from Community Service titled "Konkrete Kings" will be released late summer of 2013 which features the highly recognized artist Diabolic.
     Grease, as an artist will continue to produce a high quality, genuine and true to authentic hip-hop product as well as continue to grow as an artist and to expand his movement to as many fans as possible. Grease will soon make an even stronger impact to the society of hip-hop worldwide than most would think possible.


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