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Talk about getting away from your original idea. Alex Martray intended for Grandchildren to be a solo recording project featuring sparse Folk tunes dressed up with sampled beats. 2010’s Everlasting started off that way but quickly blossomed into a much grander concept, ultimately growing into an expansive but elegantly (and eccentrically) simple Indie Rock orchestra with a lot of intricately moving parts, all headed in generally the same interesting direction. 2013’s Golden Age built on its predecessor’s successes, and with the just-released Zuni, Grandchildren brings a dash of darkly beautiful Pop melancholy to its intimately epic soundtrack for a non-existent movie.

YOU’LL DIG IT IF YOU DIG: The Polyphonic Spree sings Animal Collective and My Morning Jacket songs as they hitchhike en masse across country. (BB)

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