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Gideon's Rifle

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It was an icy winter in the Rocky Mountains, and two Kentucky gentleman armed with little more than a banjo, a guitar, and an intrinsic encyclopedia of bourbon knowledge, found themselves a novelty item in the high dollar ski resort of which they were employed. It wasn’t long before they hatched a plan, loaded a car, and began writing their way across the United States.They came back to Kentucky armed with inspiration for the band Gideon’s Rifle. 
Predominantly influenced by traditional American roots music and Kentucky bluegrass, Gideon's Rifle has a strong focus on vocal harmonies and arrangement. The combination of self taught folk musicians and well versed music school graduates has Gideon's Rifle irreverently sliding in and out of Americana, Folk, Country, and Bluegrass, 
In little over two year’s time, Gideon’s Rifle has been selected for several illustrious festivals across the country, including MPMF, John Hartford Memorial Fest, Moonshiner's Ball, Terrapin Hill Cabin Fever Reliever, Hillbilly Days, Culturefest, STTP fest, Lowertown Arts Fest and many others. The band’s latest work is writing the anthem song for the group “Kentucky for Kentucky” a bluegrass state revival program out of Lexington that has become world renowned. 

The winter of 2015 currently finds Gideon’s Rifle obsessively recording and touring regionally. You can see them most frequently in Louisville, Paducah, Cincinnati, Nashville, Lexington, Murray, Maysville, and Carbondale.


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