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GENX is a new and exciting band based in the heart of the Tri-State area.  They perform music that will appeal to most generations, but favors the music of the Generation X era.

GENX is not to be considered a “run of the mill” band by any means.  There are 5 very talented members in the Band.  You and your patrons will be very pleased with the precise instrumentation and vocals.

Lisa Simpson = Keyboards / Percussion

Steve Robbins = Keyboards / Guitars / Vocals

Don Simpson = Guitars / Harmonica / Vocals

Paul Soos = Bass / Vocals

Matt Tellman = Drums / Percussion / Vocals


The Band’s stage setup is as elaborate and professional as you will find, comparing only to national acts. Every show will include at least one Sound Engineer in charge of sound and lights.  The “Mains” sound is very scalable to meet any size venue, event or outside concert. The stage area the band requires is 10’ x 30’. Smaller stages and areas have been accommodated in the past, but will require a visit from the stage manager to confirm the logistics.


A scalable light show is also part of the GENX production. Lights help create a concert and dance feel for the people attending our shows. All lighting fixtures are current LED technology that uses minimal electricity.  GENX is green conscious as well.

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