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Ethicist are a Cincinnati, Ohio based group formed in the fall of 2012. Beginning as a three-piece, the band assembled a hand-full of songs in early 2013 and decided on the four tracks that would comprise their limited, self-titled cassette. Released on And Recordings in May of that year, the debut gave glance at the group's sound equilibrium, balancing blackened post-metal and psychedelic atmospheres with driving, broken tone subtleties. After recording the tracks for their second record, Ethicist expanded to a four piece in the summer of 2015. Their second offering, II was released later that year digitally, then on cassette through Grimoire Cassette Cvlture and vinyl via Phratry Records in early 2016. Ethicist recorded a single, 9-minute track as part of their split release with CLOUDED onĀ And Recordings & Bastard Sloth Records in August of 2016.

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