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Elysian Souls

Elysian Souls is a band from the Cincinnati area mustered up by Gary Robbins, Elliot Meacham, Cort Setters and Bryan Yahtzee.

The idea behind our music has always been to play what we like to listen to. Everytime we get together in the basement, the jam starts and the music speaks for itself from there on out. We'll create some structured songs, but we'll also let some songs go off on improvised tangents; the best of both worlds.

Our primary sound consists of funk/R&B/reggae, although we are by no means limited to those. We explore the vast sea of genres and make them into our own sound. When on stage, we always have a good time. It's one of those concepts that you have to get the audience involved into what your doing up there, and when someone sees you grooving out on stage, they'll more than likely join you.  

Don't fear the reverb.

Don't watch the tube, listen to it.

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