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Duke of Owls

DUKE OF OWLS began their climb in the summer of 2011, with the recording of their first EP. Thrown together by a revolving door of different projects, high school friends Aaron Maheu, John Diamond, Ben Johnson, and Matt Wolfe seem to have found, or maybe grown, into a sound that is all their own. Hailing back to the riff-based, angry, frustration-fueled rock n' roll that has been all but forgotten in todays musical climate, DUKE OF OWLS songs stand testament to the irresponsibility of youth, the uncertainty of the future, and the frustrations of a generation growing into a world that doesn't seem to want them. With their edgy songs, passionate live performances and an uninhibited love of what they do, DUKE OF OWLS will continue to do what they've always done, which is play rock n' roll the way it was meant to be; loudly, controversially, and irresponsibly.

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