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Dr. Foxcroft

All members reign from Finneytown, Cincinnati, OH. We've been making music since late 2010, and up until 2012 were tucked in a basement on Foxcroft Drive (Foxcroft Dr. --> Dr. Foxcroft) in Finneytown, where we all hung out together for years, some of us our entire lives. Since 2012 we've released 2 EP's, "Soundwave Surgery" and "Medicinal Melodies", and have played several venues around the city including Stanley's Pub, Murray's Tavern, The Mad Frog, The Northside Tavern, The Redmoor, and at The Rumba Cafe in Columbus. Every show is different, and there are always new faces. The energy and the experience are never the same, and we're so grateful to be able to share the moment and our music with everyone. Having ties that go back to the time of being small children makes this group more than just a band or a group of friends; it's a family, and we hope to share that feeling of connection with anyone who wants it.

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